An alien race that turns planets into zoos by devolving intelligent life in them has come to ours, and are so far doing a good job. Let's put an end to this by taking down their not-too-cute and very-much-annoying machines!

Dewind is a submission for Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2

Quick intro to game mechanics

These time-altering machines seem to affect you less than everyone else, but it doesn't mean they're not going to turn you into an innocent monkey soon. To counteract the time-altering force you must constantly move. Moving will build up your TimeSlide powerbar and allow you to use it's effects to your advantage. Use your primitive self to jump greater distances and escape pitfalls, enjoy augmented firepower in your future self, and -of course- take-em-down with... yourself!

NOTE:  Music does not play properly on the WebGL Player.  Please download a desktop build for maximum enjoyment, since Osito (@mncarballo) put a lot of effort into it!

Game art

The "Rewind Machine Boss":
Cyborg Character:

Not implemented yet:

Mech Evolution Stage:

First Concept art of our Game:

This game was made in only one week


DeWind_Linux.tar.xz 21 MB
Download 25 MB


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Very interesting! I like how the concept of skills is applied in relation to time. The music is so cool.

I like this game and the idea very much :)
I just think you have to wait a little bit to much in this game, maybe shorten the counter


wow! great game. loved the rewind implementation


loved it

I love the game, but my only complaint would be the resolutions of sprites. They didnt feel like they lined up very well.


This is something interesting concept i am seeing on game jam! i really loved how you make rewind system by implementing in cave man i am expecting something melee weapon like stone axe or something else. but over all great balance in game i really gonna rate good numbers on this game :)

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The kicks are too loud. And there is a little bit of time-wasting while a player need to be a cyborg or caveman.


This is a pretty interesting take on " rewind".
The game feels pretty good too,  the characters have weight to them!