A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

Whats New in v0. (PC version)

  • New Multiplayer Feature for max 3 players in one room.
  • Variable Level Depth

Whats New in v0. (PC version)

  • Improved graphics and looks
  • Options to change resolutions and toggle full-screen mode.
  • Add Single-Player Placeholder button to switch to upcoming multiplayer.

Upcoming Features:

  • Multiple Characters.
  • Coins.
  • Multiplayer (Implemented in v0.
  • Story.
  • 10 new Levels
  • Level selection
  • Settings configuration options
  • Variable Level Depth [Requested] (Implemented in v0. Multiplayer Only)

Known Bugs in v0.

  • Client player doesn't exit room properly if master leaves after game started.


PocketRocket(v0. 25 MB
PocketRocket(v0. 24 MB
PocketRocket(v0. 18 MB
PocketRocket(v0. 21 MB

Install instructions


Download and extract the file to a folder, and run the executable.


Download and install the apk on your mobile device.

Check "Install from unknown sources" if necessary.

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